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Anthémis - - Create the garden of your desires

Anthémis - - Create the garden of your desires

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Anthemis, white fireworks and fire!

The Anthemis? A bush of daisies, a fireworks display of daisies, in the garden or in pots. This plant is generous! Yes, the anhemis is generous in the production of its flowers, it is generous in the renewal of its flowers, it is generous in the duration of its flowering ... Quick to the garden!

Botanical name:

Argyranthemum frutescens

Type of plant

• Cycle: Perennial plant

• Hardiness: non-hardy plant

• Family: Asteracae


Very easy to grow, amazing flowering, sensitive to cold

Benefits to the garden

The speed of growth, the number of flowers, duration of flowering.

Description of the Anthemis

Small flowers of about 5 cm - there are varieties with even smaller flowers, moreover, there are many colors, the flowers group together and form small clusters which undulate in the sandstone of the winds.

Gardener's Info

• Anhemis needs well-drained, healthy soil.

• She suffers from -5 °, so it is important in cold regions to retract the foot at the beginning of November, to avoid the "cold snap".

• In other regions, prefer to mulch the feet.


• In March, the stems must be cut back halfway to promote recovery.

• In May, replant the foot.

• The anhemis will bloom again very quickly after replanting.

At the right time

• For the first planting in the garden, plant the roots of Anthémis in May.

Varieties of anhemis

There are many colors and some cultivars with small flowers, with double flowers, some examples "Primerose", "Butterfly", "Paris White" (Word play?)

Agrees with

Plant the anhemis with nepetas, cistus ... And more, as you like!

The Anthémis, with or without a garden ...

In the garden: in the Massif, on the edge, and everywhere outside the lawn….

And without a garden? In a pot, Amthémis is perfect, and for the northernmost regions, it's finally pretty fair! And the uses vary: terrace, door base, flower pot beds, etc.


Long flowering from May to October.



High. and Width


on dry land

40 cm
x 80 cm

Space between plants


30 to 50 cm

Do not bury the collar

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