Information About Pink Petticoat

Information About Pink Petticoat

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Tecomanthe Petticoat Vine: Learn About Pink Petticoat Plant Care

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Rampant, vigorous trumpet-like bright pink blooms and looping stems with bright green foliage... this describes Tecomanthe venusta, or pink petticoat vine. What is a Tecomanthe vine? Learn more in this article and see if this vine is suitable for your garden.


Calibrachoa combine well with many other annuals. Get creative and make your own custom containers using the principle of “thriller, filler, and spiller.”

  • Combine them with taller plants such as angelonia, coleus, African daisy, purple fountain grass, zonal geranium, or Persian shield.
  • Add fillers such as coral bells, lantana, marigold, or sedges.
  • Companion trailers include sweet potato vine, fan flower (Scaevola), verbena, bidens, bacopa, or nemesia.

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