Sowing calendar 1.03 - gardeners and gardeners

Sowing calendar 1.03 - gardeners and gardeners

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March 2021

March 1, Monday, 18-19th lunar day. The waning moon is in Libra


In Libra, it is advisable to engage in sowing, planting and transplanting root, stem and tuberous plants. Their fruits will be stored for a long time, and the seed material will be of high quality.

Green, leguminous crops and tuberous flowers planted these days will also develop well.

Sowing and planting of climbing flowers, spicy and medicinal herbs are recommended.

You can start rooting plants.

Pinch the tops of the shoots so they branch out better.

Start the spring pruning of indoor plants, and if the climate permits, then proceed with the sanitary cleaning and formation of the crowns of trees and shrubs.

And continue caring for greenhouse beds: remove weeds, thin and sprinkle seedlings, apply wood ash or other organic fertilizer to the soil.


Sow seedlings on the waning moon:

  • peanut;
  • daikon;
  • peas and beans;
  • carrots and beets.

Grow celery, artichokes and parsley, sow asparagus, dill and savory.

From garden flowers, viola, forget-me-nots and Turkish carnations can be sown on seedlings.

It is possible to plant such plants at home:

  • Chinese rose;
  • spinous Gaillardia;
  • lilies;
  • large-leaved hydrangea.

Not recommended

Work with plant roots and loosen the soil close to them.

Water the plants and spray them with liquids.

Get vaccinated.


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Sowing calendar 1.03 - gardeners and gardeners - garden and vegetable garden

April - one of the most stressful months for the gardener and gardener, because the work at the summer cottage is only being added. The weather is still changeable, and it is necessary to prepare the site for planting and sowing, to process fruit trees and shrubs from diseases and pests.

Gardener's lunar sowing calendar for April 2021 will help to plan work on the site correctly, will tell you favorable and unfavorable days.

What they do on neutral days

All indoor ornamental plants, not to mention their medicinal counterparts, are sensitive to all operations. Reduce the likelihood of losing part of the crop as follows. Agrotechnical manipulations are planned for the so-called neutral days. There is no pronounced positive or negative lunar activity.

A similar time period is chosen for laying a part of the harvested crop for long-term storage. The purchase of seeds is planned for neutral days. Even a beginner will find it easier if there is no pronounced activity of the celestial body. Pay attention to the characteristics of the seed indicated on the packaging.

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